FR: dynamic choir reduction part

I’d love it if, in the future, there was an option for a choir reduction part to be auto-generated (dynamically linked) to the SA/TB voices in a score, where if you update one, it updates the other. I know that now it’s fairly easy to generate a reduction part (so to speak) by copy and pasting into voices, but it sure would be nifty if this could be automatically done. It would be nice if there were choir reduction (manual) and choir reduction (dynamic) instruments to choose from. It would get me one step closer to that ever-sought-after streamlined workflow.

This would benefit rehearsal scores immensely, to say nothing of prevent possible mistakes when edits are made after the fact. (And I believe this should exist as a foil to condensing; I know a condensed score could look the same, but sometimes you still want S A T B [Reduction].)