[FR]EDIT MODE: more functionality

I’d like to see more functionality when in EDIT MODE.

Now the video playback only follows when trimming or when moving an event.
I’d love to see the video playback follow also when creating the fade in or out, when moving the splice point between 2 events and when sliding the contents of an event…

No offense, but if I were a lead-programmer @ Steinberg and part of the team which should make this DAW really advanced then I’d start by implementing all these -tens of- omissions…the time has come Steinberg!

Niek/ Amsterdam


exactlly! Well said!

Correct me if I’m wrong but did not N4 not have that working that way? I think it disappeared in some version past that.

just back on Nuendo today ( have been stuck on PT for a while), and noticed that on Video playback does follow fade when moving on my end

Yes it does…

And would be nice an entire vertical line for the cursor. You can use other color from regular cursor, but it makes no sense to hide the line in edit mode.

Please give us back the cursor!!

+1 yes, it would be nice to have a specifically colored/tailored cursor for this.


but it makes no sense to hide the line in edit mode

Hiding the line in order to make obvious that a user is in Edit Mode is a very silly “feature”…so yes;please give us

a specifically colored/tailored cursor for this.

Although it’s the word from a marketer (no offense) I was very pleased to read an announcement from Timo Wildenhain that Nuendo is being rewritten and this overhaul will be released in May…(if Steinberg doesn’t come with another delay)…fingers crossed that all these tiny omissions will be implemented!?

Niek/ Amsterdam

Hold on, the May Nuendo 8 update will add the Cubase 9.5 features and graphics performance improvements for free, along with possibly another tweak or two.

I don’t remember hearing anything about an overhaul, but if it’s coming, it’s going to be released way later. Probably not before Cubase 10 is released.

Different infos are mixed together here.
Timo promised all Cubase features to Nuendo in may.
And Timo announced new VR tools that are in ptototype phase now. So I wouldn’t hold my breath for them yet…
And then Timo have tols us that they are hiring/have hired new staff to bring Cubase and Nuendo closer together.

I’m afraid I took “…we’re in a huge restructuring phase…” (quote from the original post) as an announcement that Nuendo finally will get its (much needed) overhaul? Sorry for any confusion.

Though, I hope there will be a not-so-marketing-sensitive-programmer at Steinberg who reminds the company that new features are cool indeed, but in order to build a really advanced DAW it should implement and maintain the existing ones…