[FR] Edit STRIP-settings in "Channel Settings"window

Why isn’t it possible to edit the Strips’ modules when in “Channel settings”-window (or “e”-window)?
Why are the Strips’ modules taking so much real estate while one can only apply presets to them?

I’d love to see a totally-edittable-“Channel settings”-window where one can edit all channel settings without the need to open the Mix-Console (and have the risk that one has too narrow channel-modules which can’t show the Strips’ parameters)

Same counts for the Strips’ module in the Main-Window-Track-Inspector…

Niek/ Amsterdam

What do you mean?
It has always been possible?

In my system, I’ve never been able to edit the parameters of the strip while in the “e”- window. I can only load strip-presets there…I’ve to open the Mix-Console-window to be able to see the strips’ knobs and metering…
If you are able to edit them, please tell me how you do that? It has been a big mystery for me why this hasn’t been possible…so thanks in advance!

Niek/ Amsterdam.