[FR] EuCon: R-LED's functionality on MC PRO/5 MC

I understand that Steinberg -while together with Euphonix they were the inventor of EuCon- have their focus on Nuage in terms of support for control surfaces now that Avid took the EuCon protocol a while ago now… Nevertheless I’d love to see -any- EuCon functionality into the R-LED’s below the rotaries of my Euphonix MC Pro and the 5MC.
Now, only the W-LED’s light up in order to show us when a parameter is writing automation and the R-LED’s have no function at all, but after writing automation data, it would come in very handy to let the R-LED’s show us:

  • there is automation data “in” this parameter, e.g. by flickering slowly when the transport is stopped
  • the track is in read mode, e.g: the LED lights steadily when the transport is rolling
  • the parameter is in Read-Suspend-Mode, e.g. the LED flickers fast when the transport is rolling

The functionality of the R-LED’s next to my MC Pro’s faders, which actually reflect the channel’s automation status, is working as expected though, so I know I can always rely on these LED’s to check the R-status of my channels, but it comes in darn handy to have your eyes on “where your hands are” instead of on the automation lanes in Nuendo’s display…I think.
And; Protools has it implemented, and Logic…so why not Nuendo?

Niek/ Amsterdam.