FR: Export All Layers naming

Hi, it would be great if the layer names were added to the original file name when exporting.


if working on a file called Cello1NeedFix

and I did a Unmix Components

creating a Transient, Noise, Tonal layers

If I export these, the file naming would be

Cello1NeedFix - Transient
Cello1NeedFix - Noise
Cello1NeedFix - Tonal

Good idea.

Thank you, a multi-project batch export could be useful as well that exports with the proper naming protocols and folders.

Example, I have multiple tabs in SL standalone.

Cello1NeedFix | DrumKitNeedFix | Oboe1NeedFix

for each of these, I’ve Unmixed Components, and I’ve completed work on all of them but what to retain the separate layers

go to Export All Project Layers:

-Asks my to choose location/folder
-automatically creates subfolders for each tab/project
-adds the layer names to the original file names within the respective sub-folders.