[FR] Export - chosing path opens explorer at selected path

I would guess this should be a dead simple fix. This is on Windows BTW, be interested to hear how it behaves on OSX.

No matter what path is visible in the Export Audio Mixdown window’s path field, when you click on ‘Choose…’ under it, it always opens Explorer at the location of the last file exported.

This is a REAL pain in the arse when moving between projects in quite different places. I hit export, I select the project’s audio folder as default, but I actually want to export it to the project’s main folder (or my own ‘exports’ folder), hit ‘Choose…’ … and it opens a folder miles away from where I want to export the file to so I then have to spend ages navigating through folders to find the one I want to.

Which when I’m working on network locations can be an even more SERIOUS PITA! Some times I have to open another explorer window within the OS to work out where the bloody folder is on the network! Not to mention browsing folders over a network is pretty damn slow.

Please change this behaviour so that when you click on ‘Choose…’ it goes to the folder actually shown in the Path bar, which would actually make sense, rather than some apparently random folder you once used.

I agree 100%