FR: export marker select/deselect ALL option

I take a project that has a bunch of mixes, each mix has a cycle marker.
I open the ‘Export Audio Mixdown’ window, check the “export cycle markers”
BUT I still have to individually check each marker or the mix(s) will not be exported.

Then the next time I use ‘Export Audio Mixdown’ I have to Un-Check each marker from the last project.

It would be really nice to have a checkbox to select All, and de-select all
I have included a screen grab of a project to show a typical project.


+100 markers.


You currently can select the (all) markers and flag/unflag them all with one click.


A button to select all markers in the export window? I know I need new glasses… but… I’ve never seen anything like that. Is that what you’re talking about?

If not, and you mean “drag-selecting” everything in the export markers box, that’s the issue we’re talking about here. For example, If I have, say, 90 markers to export (not unusual), then I have to scroll-select all of them (there’s no key combination I know of to select everything at once), then click; if there are boxes selected from the previous export I have to double-click to deselect/re-select to get them all… and it’s very easy to miss the last few at the bottom of the list. A button at the top of the box to “select all” would a) speed things up and b) increase confidence that all markers were indeed being selected. The more markers there are in a project, the more inconvenient this issue becomes.

If I’m missing a key command-- lay it on me, Fredo! :slight_smile:


If you look at the screenshot in the first post you’ll see that there’s a check box to the left of each source (top section) / cycle marker (bottom section).

In my version of Nuendo, 6.0.7, there is an additional check box in the top section (sources); one next to each “type” of output. So to the left of “Output Channels” I have a check box, and the same is the case to the left of “Group Channels” and “FX Channels” etc. If I select the check box for “Output Channels” all of them get selected.

If you look at the screenshot in the first post you’ll see that’s not the case. It is curious that this is not the case.

In neither the screenshot nor my version of Nuendo do I have the ability to select all cycle markers the same way, because neither has that cycle marker check box (that selects all cycle markers).

What is possible though is selecting the first cycle marker, then shift-clicking the last cycle marker to highlight them all, and then selecting one box will select them all. Maybe that’s what Fredo was talking about.

Maybe it is… and that’s basically what I do. But when you’ve got 90+ (I often deal with more than a hundred files in an export session), it’d sure be a lot handier to just click a box. Ya know? Especially with those often unpredictable “leftover” checked boxes from previous exports.


Everything Chewy said is spot on!
I couldn’t say it any better.

I will take a closer look at all the suggestions, but…

  1. I do not see a
  1. as Chewy said…

I will try the suggestions and get back to you guys.

-Flag Export Cycle Markers
-Select the first marker
-Select the last marker while holding the shift button
-Flag all selected markers.


Right, as referenced previously in the thread. The point is that when dealing with large numbers of cycle markers, this method is often cumbersome. It would be much more elegant to have either a “select/deselect all” one-click option-- or at least to be able to use standard keyboard (control/a or command/a) functionality to select.


YES !!!