FR: Export shouldn't create folder path

If I’ve exported a PDF to a certain folder, and that folder is no longer in existence, Dorico will create the folder and place the exported file in it, unless I change the path.

This has bitten me several times: the old path that was saved with the file is similar to the new path… I export the PDF… and can’t find it where I thought it would be. Later I find it in a folder that I had deleted.

I’d prefer Dorico not create a folder path for a file export. If the export settings are pointing to a location that no longer exists, it would be preferable to get an error dialog when I click “Export.”

I don’t think this would be an improvement in general, Dan, and while I can appreciate that this might be inconvenient for you in some specific circumstances, I don’t think we should be adding options for this kind of thing. (Adding options not being a zero sum game, given the cost of implementation, testing, localisation, documentation, plus the additional cognitive load placed on the user to decide how they should be setting the option, and so on, and so on.)

I wasn’t suggesting an option for this; I can’t see how this would ever be the preferred behavior, for Dorico to create a folder path on its own. I don’t know of other Windows programs doing this (I might be wrong). But its not a deal breaker, I’ll just make sure to check the path before I export.

Coincidentally, only yesterday I was cursing an internal development tool for not creating a folder for its output, even though that was specified. IMHO it’s standard and expected behaviour that an application will create the output directory without asking if the UI shows you where that’s going to be. To generate an error dialog would just add friction in the vast majority of cases.

Good to know, thanks.

I’m used also to generating paths on the fly if they don’t exist. For instance, for exports from notation or other software, I just type in “/PDF” to export to that subfolder. However, it could be useful to show some kind of info besides the path field, saying the folder doesn’t exist and will be created.

This is expected behavior. “Folders” don’t really exist in a modern OS. It’s all just paths.