This has been on the request list for years and I will ask again.

PLEASE can we have a feature to simply export video and sound (with sound source selectable like our audio export window) direct from the project window. Obviously exporting locators or markers in batches (with naming options) would be a no brainer within this feature.

I know you can send audio to a video file, but this is too complicated and risky.

Other DAWS can do this. Please can Nuendo catch up with this?

Regarding which format to export, it would be fine if Nuendo just clipped from the source video (i.e. the video that is referenced in the Video track) although ultimately a range of video export formats would be great to. The audio format would ideally need to be MP4 based, so as to avoid mushrooming video data footprints and allow the creation of internet streaming ready files. Ideally.

However, even a simple export video function with WAV audio would be great, and could be quickly transcoded in 3rd party software for streaming/delivery.

My work flow right now is that I export audio and bring this in to Final Cut Pro X to line it up with the the same video I was looking at in Nuendo, add some text overlay, and export from there. It is a major process and introduces risks (wrong alignment, wrong clip naming etc etc). I do this at least twice a day depending on my output. Even lining the audio up to video in FCPX is problematic, as FCPX is reading BWav metadata incorrectly, for which I must mentally compensate. Other video editors may work better, but this is all headache really.

If the programmers at SB decide to take this up, the absolute ultimate would be the ability to overlay simple text (with selectable font, position and opacity and ideally background). This would take Nuendo AHEAD of it’s competitors.

Thanks for reading.


+1 I miss this, too. Since a long time. It takes me long time sending a short clip of the movie with the right sound. I do it as you.

In an animation project now and i need this feature so much…getting director approvals on the fly is a must.
ASAP Steinberg.


Yep. C’mon. It’s past due. And fundamental.


Yes please! As a filmcomposer I also have to print out video very often to get some feedback from the director.
But it´s unfortunately a huge thing to do with our DAW.
I export the mixed audio in Nuendo to import it back into Ableton Live on a different computer, where the selected area can be finally printed out as video :slight_smile:
Would be really cool to have it in our major postproduction Software!
:slight_smile: Thank you…




This feature has been posted and ranted about since forever - why hasn’t it been solved ?

I know ProTools has it, I suspect Logic has it: it is a darling of a feature that would save me so much time, as most of the film cues I create have to be delivered with a video these days.

AT LEAST tell us why you’re not implementing it, Steinberg: if there’s copyright/codec/money-issues that can’t be solved, let us know.

This is a must have… all other daws do it… you are always ahead!!! make it happen!!

Clients always require a video clip to review audio work, it’s a business need!



I ditched Pro Tools last year and fell in love with Nuendo instantly. This is the only feature that forces me to go back to PT since I have to export clips constantly for directors to quickly review.

I’m very glad to hear some goode news about nuendo instantly, you’re up and running clips again!

i use screenflow for quick reference videos very handy, not ideal but fast


Just you wait, help is on the way, perhaps not in the way expected but still. :slight_smile: