FR: "Extend to next note" option to not cross barline

This is admittedly a little fringe, but I would find it very useful.

I use “Extend duration to next note” often, but it would be great if there were an option to prevent this function from filling across a barline. If I have bars that begin with a rest in a voice, I almost never want the previous note to extend across that barline.

Thanks for considering.


Really this would require a different command altogether, “extend duration to next note or end of bar, whichever is sooner”. I’d be interested to know whether other users would also find this useful.

I would also find this useful.
Especially when the rhythmic grid is set to 16th’s, it will save a lot of arrow tapping.

I would keep the other one as well though…

Best, Carlo

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Also for me it would be very useful. I had already thought about asking the same!

Yes I would use this as well.

Surely, at most this is c. 2 or 3 key presses? First, press the number for the closest duration to the barline, and then adjust by the grid unit?

Not when you’re trying to do 40 bars in one shot.

I’m just trying to understand the workflow. Why do you already have the ‘wrong’ note values in these bars?

It’s a huge part of my workflow for real-time MIDI recording.

So your music has 40 consecutive bars with rests on the first beat?

…no. But I’d like to be able to perform this function across the entire piece in one go. If there are bars throughout that do start on a rest, I have to do it in lots of smaller sections.

I certainly don’t think “extend to barline” is unreasonable. I’m all for more tools in my toolkit, even if I only need them once in a great while.