FR: Feature Request Subform.

Are there any plans for a feature request subforum? I think it would certainly clean up a lot of the clutter and give some organization to things around here.

You are not alone …

+1. Not a bad idea. I’ve never been able to work out why they get taken over to the Lounge. Surely a bit too s/w specific for that? People are always going to make requests, so it would be better to have them all together so that people can more easily see if they’re about to duplicate effort.

Yeah, a really bad idea to put them in the lounge. They should be a subforum in here. Steinberg seems to have no idea about how to please their customers, nor to get the most from them. I’m reading a really interesting book about how businesses need to run in the connected era, and Steinberg breaks just about every rule, doing all the “bad/shortsighted/foolish companies do this” things.

Name of the book/author?
Would a software company qualify for some kind of group discount?

What Would Google Do, by Jeff Jarvis. A very interesting read - Steinberg could learn an awful lot from it, they are living in the past, frankly.

Well, no wonder I couldn’t find it…haha!! Yeah- they really need to get on the ball with the P.R. stuff. Granted they’ve definitely stepped it up as far as their communications go with all of us but it’s just such a mess in here. I hope one of the admins reads this.

Ahem. Could any of you tell me how putting the boot into Steinberg is likely to generate goodwill, which is what we need to get what we ask for? :sunglasses:

In fact, while we’re at it why don’t we have a “Steinberg are Twats Because” subforum to keep that stuff out of the way too.


Yes, let’s keep this discussion friendly/productive.

+1 for a Steinberg-sanctioned Feature Request sub-forum. This action alone, IMHO, will create immeasurable goodwill with Steinberg’s current users (and will help attract potential future customers).
Here’s what I wrote the last time a thread on this subject came up here (a thread which, incidentally, has been moved to the Music Lounge):

My vote: I don’t find feature requests distracting at all.

Quite the opposite actually. For me, FR threads are absolutely relevant to the “current” version and my growing understanding of it.

Such threads often lead to discussions of interesting workarounds (in the current version), or reveal existing features (in the current version) that I hadn’t known about. But perhaps most importantly, FR threads help me understand what the current Cubase version can’t do. This is very useful information to me, as I’ve spent thousands of hours using Cubase over the years. But it’s such a deep program, I still don’t feel I understand exactly what it’s limitations are. FR threads help me grasp where Cubase’s boundaries lie.

Of course, feature request threads often lead to spirited discussion about the potential direction of future Cubase versions - which, in my opinion, is always healthy. If some find these threads distracting, they certainly don’t have to read them. Forum moderators can enforce the practice of adding “FR” to the thread title, if that helps.

I’m genuinely curious - Do other audio software companies discourage user discussions of new features? Do they routinely “disappear” such threads to less popular, non-public forums (with no notice of thread movement)? Seems like this is not standard practice around the industry - or at least, it shouldn’t be.


P.S. Worse case - create a sub-forum entitled “Cubase Future Development & Ideas.” I could live with that. But please - when a thread is moved there, post a “Moved to Cubase Future Development forum” notice on that thread’s title (in the Cubase 6 forum) to alert users that it’s been moved. This is standard practice on many (most?) other user forums I’ve used.

I don’t agree - it’s not a case of goodwill, it’s a case of Steinberg realising that they are squandering a useful resource - they have lots of keen and technically competent users who want to improve the product, and they ignore them. That sort of mentality will eventually end the company, as there will be others who do listen and do produce software which does what users want, rather than introducing features that no-one wants, such as self-scaling MIDI part view which makes the software less useful.

How long have you been dealing with Steinberg? IME the only way to get any reaction is to make a PITA of yourself. I owned a Houston, after all.

Being rude to people only makes them unlikely to want to let you get away with it. Anyway, this isn’t our thread so we’d better just agree to disagree and leave it for the OP…

My intention with this thread was to hopefully get a response from anyone at Steinberg which seems highly unlikely- best I can do is hope a lot of people chime in on this.



Yes to subforum. Less for the devs to trawl through while fixing things.

Jeez, that looks bad when out of context…

Anyway, back on topic, I think subforums are a good way of streamlining the experience - Feature Requests but also Help, Possible bugs - all within reason but it doesn’t take long for a post to dissapear into the void that is Page 2 and splitting things up a bit would keep things both relevant and in sight for longer.

+1’d this before, so yeah, here it’s again.

A huge no-brainer it seems.

Just about everyone does it and very, very few are as insecure about it, an FR board that will inevitably invite feature comparisons with other products in the form of requests.

For some unknown reason Steinberg seems overly sensitive about all that… which is why (I can only assume) they don’t have an area specifically for requests… because many of the requests would certainly reference things from other products. Not all requests come out of thin air or random good ideas, many come directly from features people have used elsewhere or have seen being used elsewhere.

Anyway, that’s what’s a bit puzzling to me… why (apparently) Steinberg is so sensitive and/or insecure about all that… at least more than is typical it seems. No clue really. Maybe they think it will hurt sales, no idea.

It’s one of the most highly developed DAW’s on the planet… there’s no need for that really.

Ironically, you can see features from Cubase being requested all over the place in other product forums … with pics, vids, long discussions about some, etc… and I’ve never seen any of them get moved, deleted, or locked. Nobody cares because the companies are secure enough in their own product to know it can stand on it’s own merits regardless.

Well, this campaign ended fairly quick (2 days on the main board and now it’s been “disappeared” to the “lounge thread.” Thanks anyway, guys… it was a valiant effort .

Maybe we could do what avid has done and use we’ll just have steiny sticky some links and foot the bill. Hahahaha

A book all about forward thinking in the digital age - and it’s not available for download to my kindle??!!
I guess they’ll have to throw my copy on the back of the truck.

Oh the irony… :laughing: