[FR] Field Import to Tracks not just lanes

In love with N10.1 - what a powerhouse. Like the above for our workflow it would be great to have an option to Split tracks + when using field import to have an option to drop them on tracks not just lanes or pool. There are a few extra steps involved to place them on tracks properly and when dealing with conforming an entire feature this can add up.

Thanks for your consideration

We have talked about this a lot during the implementation and we cane to the conclusion that import to tracks would result in a complete mess, 99% of the times. We would have to deal with naming of the tracks, which would/could be different for each import. It would be impossible to place the “Boom-Richard” files all on the same track, so in a large project you wold end up with hubdreds of extra tracks.
The more you think about user cases, the more of a mess it becomes.
So the decision was taken’ to keep it simple.
And you can easily create tracks from Lanes.


thanks Fredo for the response. Truthfully I only was able to try this to conform a short 8 minute project that of course came to me with no metadata even though requested and it was a good way to see this beast in action. I managed to conform the whole project by using the first characters of the file names from AAF to Original location files. I did feel like I was preforming a few extra steps, but its still a huge time saver and much better to work directly off the original location files and with the track info included!!! yippi, now my assistant dialogue editor will have a better handle on knowing what mic is what instead of guessing at times. Love this!!

Just curious what about not having the lanes muted when creating tracks also? would you know if there is a setting to adjust that? Because when using lanes for this it seems to keep the original file on the top of the lanes and than splits it to tracks with the top on and the rest muted. Maybe an option to not include the original file on the top and just create a new track for it with lanes for the split files? thanks for your reply