FR: Filter Playing Techniques For Availability In Current Ex Map

This is probably too much to ask, it’s a normal DAW feature, but here goes:

It would be helpful if some way could be figured out to allow the user, when selecting Playing Techniques in Write Mode, to be presented with only those techniques connected to the Playback Techniques supported in the current Expression Map (current = for staff currently selected).

This is of course far easier for DAW’s to implement because they don’t have different modes for Write and Play and they don’t have to worry about the PT > PBT path.


I have quite a few Playing Techniques that are not tied to expression maps (simply instructions to the player). How would that work for me?

No thanks, I’m not interested in being limited to only notate what the current sound library/EM would happen to offer. It feels like telling me I can’t write for a clarinet because I don’t own one. If your sound set is too limited, then choose/buy another one, and/or try to expand the expression map.

Well you could provide an optional filter available on demand. That way you could show the whole list, by default.

I suppose I ought to clarify, my application for this is using third party libraries for playback, in my case VSL. Instruments in the same class or family can vary in what articulations are available. I don’t want to have to consult the VST in a separate window every time to see what’s available.

I’m not trying to take anything away from anybody who does not have this use case, just provide a filter. So if you’re not interested, and I can see why, you just wouldn’t use the filter.

This has been suggested before, and I think it’s a fine idea. It’s on our backlog of things we would like to implement in future.

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