[FR] Fix Inspector's inconsistency please

If I open a tracks’ Fader Inspector Tab and a Sends Inspector Tab (for instance), I’d love to see that those opened tabs stay open when I switch to another track in order to easily compare the settings.
Now (still in Nuendo 8.1) the Inspector closes all-but-one tab when I click on another track and I’m getting tired of clicking them open again and again.

Steinberg, fix those inconsistencies please…Nuendo is full of it…quite annoying.

…only trying to help make Nuendo really advanced.
Niek/ Amsterdam.

Seems that this behaviour is being caused by EuCon (my Euphonix MC Pro controller); when controlling a function like EQ or an Aux-send on my MC Pro, EuCon automatically forces Nuendo to show -only- the active tab, the tab which function is being controlled, so when switching to another track, it’s EuCon that causes the inconsistency in “not showing the tabs that were previously showed”…

Niek/ Amsterdam


All inspector tabs collapsing when simply changing tracks in the project window is a workflow killer for me too. I use the Avid Artist Mix.

I hope (now that EuCon is owned by Avid) Steinbergs’ support for EuCon is still alive and still being developed?!
I have some thoughts on items-for-development…