FR: FLAC Metadata

Feature request: add album cover to FLAC metadata, METADATA_BLOCK_PICTURE

Yes, flac metadata needs an update.

Sorry for the question but what image formats are supported for the cover artwork?

It’s only in theID3 so far, but it looks like .jpg, .jpeg, and .png.

Thanks for info!

Just want to verify I’m not missing anything, and the current version of WLP (9.5.15) still doesn’t support FLAC metadata pics. I’ve tried both ‘specific to this config’ using a lot of auto-variable codes as well as ‘inherit from source file’, the latter doesn’t seem to import anything from CD-Text/ID3/aXML. Always using a wav as source in montage, everything works fine when rendering to mpeg or aac, of course.

Yes I don’t see it added yet. Are you using another program to make FLAC with pics from Wavelab WAV in the meantime?

Still creating them in WL. I haven’t offered them with embedded pics to clients yet, but for other formats, I have used Jaikoz to add anything to some fields for which I haven’t found a way to easily embed the metadata while in WL. Fingers crossed metadata will be a significant focus in 10.