FR: flexibility with '•' character in setup mode when using key commands

In my workflow, I use the ’ • ’ character as a separator, rather than hyphens, to block out bits of data. For me this is much easier to spot. This is in all of my scores as well as my file system (Mac). One curious thing, however, is that I cannot use that character in setup mode in the names of flows or layouts. If I attempt to type, “Entrance Antiphon Hymn • 15th Sunday in Ordinary Time” to name a flow, as soon as I get to the point of pressing alt+8 for the • character, I’m kicked out of the flow box. It’s the same for naming layouts. Is there anyway this behavior could be changed? Curiously I can copy & paste the character in—there’s just something about pressing alt+8 in setup mode that seems to cause the issue. What I find odd is I can press alt-hyphen for ’ – ’ (medium dash) and alt+shift+hyphen for a long dash, but for whatever reason, alt+8 for • or alt+t for † just doesn’t work. Perhaps it’s a QT quirk. I don’t know.

Alt-8 is the factory key command to give focus to the bottom panel, if I remember correctly.

On Mac it’s cmd-8 to make that panel appear/disappear. I hadn’t even considered there might be a conflict in this regard. But what’s odd is that alt+8 works in all the other modes. I can type it into text boxes and into lyrics… just not flow names.

Giving focus isn’t the same thing as showing/hiding.

edit: my memory serves me correctly. It’s in the global context:

In Write/Engrave you should find that by default it puts the cursor in the search box at the top left corner of the properties panel.

by golly you’re correct. I was searching high & low through the key commands but I couldn’t find anything there…

I don’t recommend deleting it from the factory shortcut file, as that might be overwritten by a new Dorico release (if there’s another 3.5 release), but you could manually graft a DELETE line into the user key commands file.

Well, I may have to just cut my losses and delete it (especially since there are actually two commands listed here and I could happily use alt+return if it ever suits me) and then just re-do it in the future. As I said above, I use • constantly. Thank you, though, for sorting this out for me! At least I know what’s going on and why.

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