FR: for controlling CCs

Two outrageous requests for the future.

  1. could we alias a cc controller to a meaningful name?

I struggle with the CC lanes trying to remember what each CC# is controlling. If I could give a meaningful name (even the common ones like “expression”) it would be helpful.

  1. could we parametrise a custom playback technique?

I’ve been messing around with synths and having some success using CCs in expression maps to modify sounds. I would really like to be able to specify a particular CC# and value as a property of a playback technique (eg. it’s vibrato, but this amount of vibrato as a property)

Just throwing these into the pot for consideration.


You can already achieve the second of your desires by defining multiple playback techniques, e.g. “poco vibrato”, “meno vibrato”, “vibrato”, “molto vibrato” etc. and then defining switches in your expression map that map those playback techniques to the specific values for the MIDI CC you want to use.

May I second @Janus first request ? This would be rather useful.

And, if I may add another outrageous feature request of my own:
Could it be possible at some point to have more options for shape control besides lines and free drawing by hand ?