FR for Cubase Pro 8.5

  1. VariAudio - Ability to edit on arrange window and not just the sample editor.
  2. VariAudio - Ability to automatically match the timing of one track to another (like Vocalign).
  3. Implementation of ARA for Melodyne integration.
  4. Ability to Dock all windows, with the option of detaching for multiple-screen users.
  5. Docking the pool window!
  6. “Scratch Pad” feature, like Studio One Pro 3.
  7. The ability to insert plugins, process events, etc without playback glitches/stops (much like Ableton).
  8. Fix uploading to SoundCloud!
  9. Side chaining - Have compressors and other plugins with side chaining capabilities listen to a trigger signal instead of having to send signal to each plugin individually. Its not very practical to send 10-20 signals to 10-20 different plugins in a mixer. Most modern producers use side chaining for creative and technical reasons, and having said that we require the ability to side chain different parts and or different tracks separately to avoid a major ducking sound (unless that is the sound that is wanted).
  10. Ability to choose where in the signal path the channel EQ is (like Logic Pro X).
  11. Group channels should be able to listen to any channel. Why are we limited to send signals to individual channels and plugins?
  12. Gobbler integration.
  13. Online collaboration tools. Turn VST Connect into a full collaboration tool, not just for live recording.
  14. The ability to record takes on lanes not just on loop record.
  15. Less clutter. Less click-fest workflow.
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