FR for Flow headings

I have got two feature requests for flow headings. I often deal with collections for beginners, where I have 2 or 3 little pieces on one page. After some work with flow headings, the following two additons would be very welcome for me:

  1. I would prefer, if I could attach a flow heading change to a flow and not to a whole page, so that I could have two differnt flow headings on the same page.
  2. I want wo ask for a “flow footer” in the same way, the flow heading works. In my case, I wolud use them mainly for copyright lines. Could be switched off by default.

I know I can achieve all of this with manual changes, but than I loose Dorico’s intelligence and get lot’s of page overrides and later changes are very tedious.

I can’t say, if these would be also use cases for many other users. For me it would be great!


You can have different text in several flow headings on one page, without manual overrides, if you use tokens and put the text in the Project Info. You can use tokens for most Project Info fields like Subtitle, Dedication, etc.

You could to make the “flow footers” the same way, by creating a new text frame on the master pages and with a token to another field in the Project Info, if you don’t mind “wasting” the space for the frame on pages where there is no text in it.

Here’s an example:
document (403 KB)

Thanks Rob for your suggestions, Rob. Unfortunately the pieces do not always have the same length, so editing the master page is no solution for me. And I can’t afford to waste space.

Daniel, I would like to add a third suggestion:
3. At the moment there are three options for “Show flow headings”: Never - Not for first flow - For alle Flows. I would like to ask for an option, not to show flow headings, when the first master page is used (e.g. when there is a master page change to “first master page”). Would be great for all collection of pieces, where every piece has got 2 or more movements.

I may be missing something, but I would like to use a flowSubtitle token to add the names of characters singing in individual songs of a show. None of the flow tokens other than flowTitle seem to offer the ability to enter text (rather than numerical data).

Am I missing something, or could flowSubtitle or flowDedication or one of the other text fields from Project Info be added to the available tokens?


I just found out my flowSubtitle did work, even though I could not find this in the tokens list of the on-line manual ( Guess that will be updated in due course; sorry to cause a bother.

Derrek, each of the fields within the Project Info dialog has an associated token, and (to the best of my knowledge) you can use text in any of them.

edit: flowSubtitle clearly appears as the second item in table 2 on the help page you’ve linked to. It’s in the third column.

Dear Derrek,
Look for the table 2 on the link you’ve given. Third row, third column :wink:

Facepalm! :blush:
I must have read right over it.
Thank you all for your patience.
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