FR: Gap before mid-system coda as local property

I would really like the ability to set the mid-system gap before a coda on an individual basis, not just globally in Engraving Options: that is, select the coda in the score, and be able to modify its mid-system gap in the properties panel.


For context, is this primarily when using the coda as intended, or when using the coda as a means-to-an-end of producing a generic break mid-system?

Hi Lillie, both cases. I just find a global mid-system coda gap setting somewhat restrictive.

When using the coda properly (not as a workaround to hide cautionaries), I can use manual note spacing to adjust the gap on a per-coda basis, but since it’s system-dependent, these adjustments are lost when casting off changes. Also, I’d much rather just set a space value in the panel.

Also also, I want to be able to display both mid-system codas with gaps, and codas that begin a system, flush to the left. This is not possible at the moment. When the global gap is set to 0, there is no handle available in note spacing to create a mid-system gap. And when the global gap is set to some other value, there’s no way to make system-start codas flush.


Amen to all of this.

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