FR: "Gap before mid-system coda" property

Would it be possible to add the “gap before mid-system coda section” as a property in the Properties Panel, able to be changed on a per-coda basis?

Sometimes I want a gap, sometimes I don’t.

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Also, would be nice to be able to not indent a coda when it is at the beginning of a system.

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Fo shizzle. This was precisely the use case that prompted me to post.

You can set the gap size in Engraving Options, and you can drag it in Engrave mode to make it bigger but not smaller. But if you set the gap to 0 you can’t change it at all.

(I guess there is a deep logical reason for both those design decisions, but I have no idea what it is!)

So the work round for Dan’s use case is to set the gap to something invisible, like 0.0001 spaces, and then drag it bigger when required.

But I agree that doing this is not the best way to spend one’s time :slight_smile:

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