[FR] Generic Remote Support

Please add new functions to generic remote dialogue!

Still no Surroundpanner here, no Channel Strip,…

We can select nearly everything in Quickcontrol-Dialog, why not in Generic Remote??
QuickControls are just not suitable for bigger post-projects, I cannot go through 140 delivered audio tracks and set up eight quick controls for eight parameters on all channels… I need strictly mapped generic control devices!


  • Also, RPN and NRPN parameters are broken since forever (you have to manually modify the XML).
  • In addition to what Domilik mentioned, there are also basic parameters that are still missing (such as “bar and beat” of the current position etc.). Also some parameters that were there before have now magically disappeared (such as “Tempo”). WTH ?
  • Finally, please make the hardware controller SDK available to 3rd party developers. There are interesting controllers out there that would work great with Cubase / Nuendo, or let the community build better drivers for existing controllers.

Just my $0.02