(FR) "glide" knob

How come you can use GA as a sampler (for drums, or anything else) but there is no glide knob ???

Is it because you want people to go buy Halion for that purpose…why can’t I glide between long Kick drums pitches ???
Of course yo ucan use the pitch bend, but how long and exhausting is it to do this on multiple notes (plus you gotta use a weird number math to transform the pitch bend valor to a pitch note).


You can use Note Expression to apply pitch changes to individual notes (“Tuning” parameter). With the Note Expression editor open, press Ctrl+A then Ctrl+C to copy your pitch curve, which you can then apply to any note. Alternatively you can make a clone of the note by dragging it while holding Alt.

Sure I tried some note expression pitch bending few days agi… but had some bug with notes after with no pitch bend were bent. So I have to set all notes to flat not exp. (bug or normal with pitch bending wheel parameters).
I’ll try the “tuning” (unless you were referring to pitch bend) note exp

But still not as easy as inserting 2 notes and having them to (midi)cross, and here perfect pitch to pitch bending. As with note exp and copy/paste, you will need do a bit of math to divide the whole pitch vend value… I hate math lol

They made glide available on sampler track, but no “vintage/turntable” mode or having multi slice (for musical loops)…

I love GA for drums and as a sampler… I wish I had that sampler track glide knob… or BEST: slices and playback modes in sampler track.

BTW can we use any “automatable” parameter of a vst to a note exp? (I don’t think so, but…)
Could be so great to link some “cutoff value” or whatever to a note… so it moves along when moving notes position.

Just tried the “tuning” note exp… great cause it has the exact semitones values instead of the 8xxx value of the pitch bend.

But…there is always a but lol, it doesnt bend like pitchbend, it goes from semi to semi with no cents between. So ruff bending lol