FR Global VST Instrument On/Off Switch

Instead of having to individually switch on and off VST instruments when Exporting audio…

Better still, an option when exporting audio to
1 Switch off VST Instruments;
2 Perform the export;
3 Switch on VST Instruments


What is the benefit of this?

I mixdown to 24bit .wav files…I then want to make a quick mp3 copy of the mix for web distribution.

Quickest way to do this is to solo the mix track and export the mixdown to mp3 format.

However, if there are active VST instruments in the project, the mix must be done in realtime, or the VSTs must be switched off.

If you have a lot of VSTs, this slows the process - switch off each VST and later switch on again…

A global VST on/off switch would be handy.


This is a good idea. It also ensures that all VSTs that have been switched off are all switched on again, otherwise it would be easy to miss one if a lot of them are being used.