FR: Glue Tool for Drum Editor


I am using the Drum Editor to control keyswitches, in my case LoopMash FX,
routing a MIDI track to the plugin´s MIDI input.
The main benefit for me is that I am able to label each key individually,
so it shows its function directly in the Drum Editor.
This technique is also viable for plugins like Sugar Bytes Artillery for example,
where I can have one effect per note or zone.

The only “problem” is, that when I make a swipe, it creates - naturally -
multiple events of the same length (by default 1/16). but for controlling LoopMash FX
I need a function to visibly control note length.

I´ve got a couple of approaches here, which hopefully might be considered:
a) a function to join multiple selected drum notes to create one larger, summing its duraction (there is no Glue Tool in the Drum Editor), or
b) a drum editor, which shows the real length of notes and permits to draw them in different lengths with the pencil tool, or
c) a mixture of KeyEditor with keys on the piano roll, that can be labeled by the user.

I understand, that the Drum Editor creates many individual notes due to the percussive nature of drums,
but for controlling LoopMash FX it is kind of impractical.
I discarded the option of creating automations, as they cannot be recorded via MIDI notes.

Or does anyone have another idea?

All the best and HAPPY NEW YEAR/GEAR!


You can download the LoopMash FX Controller drum map here:

Use INFO line to adjust length if you need to.

Can’t you just use “show note length”
In the picture above, there is a button that says “Dr-ML” click on the diamond in that button and set it to “show note length”
Then just edit as usual.

Nice tip! I’m liking Cubase more and more. I would have given a leg and arm to have an info line like that back in Sonar. Some percussion libraries will have a drum roll which is length based, Garritan comes to mind. These almost always sound better than what you can do by hand, plus it’s way easier to to use a CC for expression during the roll.

I already saw the Note length option. I just find it easier to select notes with a glue tool and join them,
instead of switch continously between note length. Nice tip though. Thanks for pointing that out.

All the best and HAPPY NEW YEAR/GEAR!


peakae pointed to that…

It’s closest to what you ask and you don’t have to switch between note lengths after you’ve set it up.

I use Expression maps for these kind of things. Once you’ve set them up for each MIDI control device it’s very convenient.

Thanks a lot for the animation. This does mainly resolve my issue. I didn´t notice,
that we now can switch between Drumstick and regular Note length inside the note length option.
I´ll still have to glue the notes manually though.

Thanks to everybody for helping me out and pointing me to that solution.