FR: Go to Bar?

I’m not sure if this is a feature request or a question. I’m working on a score in Sibelius simultaneously with Cubase and Sibelius has a very helpful “Go to Bar” function to quickly navigate to a specific location. I know this is possible via the transport (by setting the time display to Bars/Beats and typing in the desired bar/beat) but I wonder if there could be a short cut key that would work regardless of the transport window. This way it would work even if i didnt have bars/beats as my primary time display.

Use Shift-P (Input position), then input the bar and press enter. It also works if the transport window is hidden.

I’m glad Imzadi gave you the solution (I was just about to ask you to get me a whiskey and soda when you got there :mrgreen: :laughing: )


It’s worth mentioning this could still be a FR though. Shift+P only works on the main time format, and I like my main time display to be timecode. A remedy for this is the “exchange time formats” key command, which will swap timecode for bars/beats and then hit Shift+P. But in theory these two steps could be reduced to a single key command for ‘go to bar’.

you can make a macro that do this.

  • change time format
  • go to bar
  • change time format

Just keep in mind the warning on Pg. 90 of the OM: "switching between linear and musical time base results in a very small loss of precision (introduced by the mathematical operations used for scaling values in the two different formats). Therefore you should avoid switching repeatedly between the two modes."

AFAIK changing the time format doesn’t do anything regarding linear and musical modes. They remain the same as they always were.


Just a note- it’s linear and musical time base, not modes. (to not be confused with musical mode for audio files)