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Would be nice to have “Go To Track #” available in the key commands where you could select a track by hitting a modifier key, followed by a track # (like Scroll To Track in Pro Tools). This is already available with “Input Position” on the timeline so I don’t imagine it would be too much trouble.


I asked about this a while back so it’s nice to have someone else interested in it.

To have the ability to place something like location markers on certain tracks/folders would make navigating around larger projects so much more efficient. With one button I could go to vocals. With another I could go to the brass section.


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+1 - makes perfect sense.

Just wanted to bump this.

I completely agree. +1

In fact, a search field would be great too. I have so many tracks at times I find myself spending time looking for them.

Isn’t that what the Browser is for?


But that is for browsing no? How would you search for a specific track in a large project?

I remember there used to be a little button on the mixer that you could click and a list of tracks would pop up. Then you were able to click on the desired on and it would be selected. But I can’t find this button any longer.

There is something like that in the single channel strip window ( e button)
There is a drop down at the top right

Thanks Kid (I feel like Humphry Bogart when I say that!). I think at one time this used to be available in the mixer.

This is how the browser looks like (Project menu/browser)
Clicking on a track will select that track in the project and mixer.


I have a large project which is 500+ tracks large and things like finding tracks and masters is a pain. Especially if I’m on track 482 and want to mute track 79 just for a moment.

I got TouchOSC for my iPad, made a template which allows me to select, mute, solo, etc., the tracks I’m interested.


I also made a template for the control room. This way I don’t have to switch focus to the CR window just to turn something down. I can also do some metering from TouchOSC. Totally customizable.

If you’ve got an iPad and work in large projects, I HIGHLY recommend this.


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TouchOSC Jonah template.png
TouchOSC Control Room.png

Someone please enlighten me.
I understand the request for finding & selecting a certain track in a fast way.

What I don’t understand is the “go to track # …” request.
How do you guys remember which track number of track -say- SFX2 is on.
For commercials, we have a very small template, 4 mono-tracks for VO, 2 stereo for music, 3 SFX stereo and 3 SFX mono. I by a drink to the person who can tell me the number of the track that is the second Stereo FX . And even if you can find the number within 3 seconds, try to remember it once you are editing/mixing your project.
I just don’t get it.

What I do get, is that a quick overview of the tracks helps a lot, so you can select the one you need.
And that is exactly what the Brower does. See Screenshot, I don’t think there is a more easy way …
Unless I am missing something.



I’d love to see a video of it in action and notes on the design if you ever have the time. I’m currently designing a new custom desk, and I’m flirting with the idea of a built in Ipad section.

For me, I’m trying to click less and type more. With the “Edit Channel” window open, I scroll with my mouse wheel through the tracks either in the project view or mixer. When I spot a track I want to edit, I’d rather be able to type in the track # rather than click on the “e” button. That way, I can focus on the channel settings window instead of moving my mouse over to find tracks and then back. If there is a better way, I’d love to know!

This is awesome, are your “subs” group tracks? Would you say this app is as stable as other hard controls ( makie or eucon mix ) ESP the faders ? john

I’m curious too…

one other important question, are the faders motorized ( emulated) they follow track automation ?

one other important question, are the faders motorized ( emulated) they follow track automation ?

I don’t use TouchOSC to mix with faders, but I do believe this is how it works. I think I’ve seen a video of a Cubase user doing just this very thing. Also, I do have my Control Room volume fader set to both send and receive info from Nuendo. So if the fader moves from Nuendo it is echoed on the iPad and vice versa.

This is awesome, are your “subs” group tracks? Would you say this app is as stable as other hard controls ( makie or eucon mix ) ESP the faders ? john

Yes, I have my subs assigned to the group tracks. So far I have found this to be quite stable and surprisingly responsive. I suppose it’ll depend on your personal network you’re running it on, but I’m not a network guru so it’s hard for me to speak to anything beyond how it works for me.

One thing to keep in mind is that I’m not trying to use this as a complete mixer board. I’m not trying to access every single track. Rather, I program widgets so that I can have immediate access to those things I need most rather than trying to scroll all around looking for them, or accessing pull-downs. For small-scale editing where you can see everything on one screen it may not be worth the trouble, except for the control room implementation. Being able to control the CR volume and routing without having to navigate away from the edit window is, for me at least, worth the price of admission by itself.

I’m not sure how to do the whole youtube thing, but if anyone is interested, I’ll see about putting up a video showing the ins and outs of it. I know other TouchOSC videos already exist, but I haven’t been able to find anything specific for Nuendo. Let me know if you find something. I do very large-scale editing and this kind of stuff is a God-send for me.

Thanks for the detail, yes, my need would be almost identical to your set up, I have 100’s of tracks, and dont need to find and look at each one of the 100’s , but in order to compose in midi and be creative with best work flow, I need to recall certain audio tracks on the fly , solo and mute by certain items such as solo violin, piano, strings legato, ( group), strings short ( group ) , brass legato ( group ) brass short ( group ) sound design low, mid and high ( groups ) instead of browsing as Fredo suggests, or clicking with mouse which is painful with large projects. thats a workflow hindrance when you have 100’s of tracks, and your composing, selecting your music and sound textures…

So I am going to try a 3K Eucon artist mix and control set up, but suspect this T OsC will serve my needs, so I might send the Eucon back before 30 day return ends if I am not feeling it justifies the 3K …anyone else concur? I dont really need to drill down on plug ins.

Please do post, go to youtube, create a new account, use an ipod or iphone to record your screen shots live, save to desk top, and then on your you tube dashboard you will see an upload video option - its fast