[FR] group editing with sub-folders

I really love the folders in the arranger and the group editing function but why doesn’t it work with sub-folders ?

I record 40+ track live sessions with full band, all of the audio tracks are in a folder I call “Audio” so i can easily record-arm/monitor with one Key Command / Mouse Click (that works with sub-folders)
A often quickly edit different takes (taking a verse from take 2 and inserting it into take 1 so group edit function is quite nice (i used to do cut/copy/paste on the folder lane before)
But, I like to be able to put different instruments in sub-folders for a cleaner workspace (Drums/Gtrs/Synth/Vocals and even sub-sub-folders (Lead Vox/ Back Vox)

When I activate Group editing on the “Audio” folder, the audio events on audio tracks in sub folders are not affected…


No one interested really ?