[FR] HiCut/LowCut

…should be shown in filtercurve since it’s part of filtering!

I can have LC and HC in every channel but the filter curve in Mixer and Channelsettingwindow is flat. That is confusing.
And please add this to generic control, it should be part of the EQ.

…and slope should be costumizable! Come on, there’s not one slope which fits for all signals!



Plz add LC/HC to the generic remote control. It’s nice, that my default generic remote file from N5 works in N6 without problems and I begin to love the new mixer, but I missing LC/HC - “ON/OFF - adjust” commands. Need the mouse to activate and adjust it with too many clicks. 6 knobs are free on my controller. Perfect for LC/HC …



Yes! +1
And I’d love to have it with 4 band eq. Too confusing to have it on a separate location without no visual feedback.
Bye/ Tumppi

Hm … in the upcoming C7 Update, I don’t see any improvements about HiCut/LowCut regarding generic remote …
( Cubase 7.0.3 / Cubase Artist 7.0.3 announcement - Cubase - Steinberg Forums )

Yes, built in to the 4 band eq would be much better for me too. And it would save some space with only gain and phase flip in the Pre section.


Absolutely, the effect of the filters should reflect in the curve.

+1, of course!!


it’s mentioned in other thread, that the EQ is a new one, without new features, but new. Because of that it is not compatible to N5-EQ. Then why did they do this crap with the Hc/Lc?
I thought they just did not want to re-program the old EQ, so that they built this seperate Cut-Plugin, rather than implementing a few more bands to the old one.

and still shaking my head, why they fixed the slope for us. Feels like a makeyourownmusic-app.