FR: hidden noteheads

Why can’t we hide noteheads in the same direct way we can hide stems? I am not sure I understand the technical impediment to implementing this. I sorely need it, as do others. Here’s a page from a string quartet of 300 pages with many more like this. Using guide notes in tempo positions is used in modern scores, and is by no means unusual. You can see from this example how much better it would be if there were a simple hide noteheads switch, instead of having to mess with alpha channel values. I’d pay money for this ability. :slight_smile:

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Dear Andro,
If you need lots of hidden noteheads, you should explore the route of creating a new notehead set where the noteheads are empty. There have been many threads explaining this. You can even make this set available for any new project. Until the team implements a native solution.

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Use a notehead made up of a couple of blank text spaces. If you use a truly empty notehead there’ll be nothing on the page to select (in order to modify, alter properties etc.)

(I’ve taken the liberty of editing your thread title so that it says what it wants rather than just that it wants something!)