FR: Hidden objects on divisi staves

Why do all hidden objects show on the top stave in a divisi? This can get very confusing/messy


This is stating the obvious, of course, but it’s because the code that handles the positioning of signposts doesn’t handle divisi staves, because signposts are calculated before the system layout is performed, and Dorico therefore doesn’t know which staves are going to be visible. It would of course be possible to change given enough time and attention, but realistically it’s not something we are likely to be working on in the near future.

That’s fair in page view, but surely in galley view the code required would be fairly straightforward? After all, all staves are always visible.

I mean, I’ll certainly admit that in the grand scheme of things this is pretty low priority, but it’s one of those little annoyances that isn’t so little because when it’s annoying you you tend to have alot of them.