FR: Hide mixer channels for tracks in a closed folder

Just a thought I got as I’m sitting here working on a heavy project: It would be nice to have the option to “Hide mixer channels for tracks in a closed folder”.

When I put tracks in a folder it’s often because I don’t need to work on them at the moment, so having them in the mixer is usually a distraction and they are making the mixer too crowded. I thought it would have been nice to have the option (a button on the folder track?) to hide these tracks in the mixer. There you go.

You can set “can hide” for all tracks, which are in the folder. But I agree. It will be nice to have a option to hide all tracks in the Mixer, which are colapsed in the folder.

Unfortunately, I didn’t find the way, how to do this in the Project Logical Editor.


I seem to remember this being requested once or twice already in other threads
but yeah +1 from me :smiley:


And disabled channels…

Yes! Absolutely!

Or, maybe better, mixer groups that can be hid with a click as with “Hide all inputs”, “Hide all Groups”, etc., now.
But freely selectable (as in some other unmentioned DAWs).