FR: Hide notehead/ledger lines in Jump bar

Dear Dorico team,

There is ‘toggle hide stem’ option in Jump bar, but not ‘hide notehead’ or ‘hide ledger lines.’ I think it should be quite easy to add, and would save me a lot of time switching between Write and Engrave modes.


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Maybe, maybe not… who would know except for the developers?

It would definitely be welcome though.

Jump bar items are specific to the Mode you are in.
Have you tried in Engrave mode if this appears?

Yes I’ve tried.

In general, Jumpbar commands could be done better. ‘Hide stem’ is a property of Engrave mode, but it is accessible in Write mode. No hide notehead in either modes. Some options are there, some are not. ‘Hide/show’ command works for text and performance technique, but not for dynamics. Why…? I have to say this: sibelius’ command line does work better as of today. Jumpbar is a great idea with a lot of potential but it feels somewhat unfinished.

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