FR Highlight Working Stave

I would like to have an option that when you click on a note on a stave. the whole stave is highlighted. With this, if you look away from the screen, it will be much easier to find where you were working.

Do you mean the whole stave for that bar, or for that page? When you say highlighted, do you mean selected? Do you know about “select more”? It’s very useful. If you select a note and press p, it will start playing back from the selected note too. And there is another command to place the play line at the current selected note, alt something (I can’t quite remember).

I don’t mean selected when I say highlighted. I want the stave that I’m working on to be a different color.

Do you mean the staff lines were highlighted? It could get confusing if you were using note colours and all the notes changed colour.

Or do you mean like how the slash regions are highlighted?

If the Team were to decide to take this on, @theduke’s suggestion was what occurred to me as the clearest way.

Yes, like the slashes are highlighted. But I would also want in a blank stave like the ones above, to highlight if I click on on of the rest. The purpose of this is that when you take your eye off the computer screen to look at a score, you can immediately find the stave you were working on.