FR: Ideal gap setting for "Lyric to Staff"

In the screenshot, the setting for Ideal Gap from Staff to Staff generally works well throughout the document, except when the lyrics are concerned.


I could increase the value, but it would be too great of a value for lots of other spots in the score. There’s nothing for it except lots of manual staff spacing.

Ideally, there could be a setting for the ideal gap between the bottom of the lowest line of lyrics and the top of the staff below that.

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Have you tried adjusting this option?

Yes, but setting it to a high enough value adversely affects non-lyric staves with protruding elements.

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I agree it would be good to have an extra spacing gap below the lowest line of lyrics. It’s something we will probably implement in some future version.


Thanks for considering, Daniel, as always!

I remember asking for this some time ago, as well, and another poster even provided an example where tucking placed dynamics on one staff between the lyric syllables of the staff above it. I’m very much looking forward to a future version with a setting to prevent this.

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I’m in with that too, it would help me a lot …
Thanks for considering