FR - identify part / custom in drop-down menu

When in write mode, the drop-down menu to select a layout would be far easier to read if the icons used in layout mode were attached to the names. For example I have a project with 14 songs. So that’s 14 custom layouts, then add the instrument parts for each - when I click on that menu I see a LOT of layouts! It would make life so much easier if I can quickly scan and find the relevant layout to work with. At the moment they’re just a blur of names.

Some sort of organising / marking system (other than re-ordering in the master layouts column) would be very helpful.

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Thanks for the feedback. I’m not sure that the layout type icons would necessarily help a huge amount, since typically there’s just one full score and many part layouts, which means most of them would end up using the same icon anyway, but I’ll definitely think about this.

Thanks Daniel, actually since posting I’ve realised what is needed is a folder for layouts. Or nested layouts.

If the layouts in SetUp mode were organised into folders, and this was reflected in the drop downs, wow, that’d make a heck of a difference!

One folder per song for me, with every part and custom layout within. Additional folders for songs transposed into different keys, with their respective parts. Super!

That would be so much easier on the eye.

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Here’s hoping custom folder capability for some of the longer lists (PT’s, ExMaps, etc.) is in the upcoming Dorico version 4. If not, it definitely could use attention sooner rather than later.

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@dspreadbury - just another suggestion if folders are not on the horizon.

Would it be possible to simply lightly shade alternative lines in the layouts drop-down in Write mode? The way a spreadsheet does? I think this would make things far easier to read / scan with the eye.