[FR] if not exist : token of project name + path

I am in the process of copying out all my exercises for my students from Sibelius, which I printed in binders.
Sometimes I want to reopen the project to change just a few things to better suit a student during the course.
I have gotten into the habit of writing down the path and name of the file at the bottom so it is easy for me to find it.
Would it be possible to have, if it does not exist, to have a token of the name and path of the project like:
For the moment on Windows I use the “yoda” utility

You could paste the path into one of the Project Info fields and use that token.

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Yes but could be great to have it as variable like:
in php : echo FILE;
in javascript: alert(location.pathname);
without copy and paste

{@projectFileName@} and {@projectFilePath@} already exist.


I open the wrong token pdf . very good news for me .
You have a lot of things on your mind and and I must say I realy like when you program Dorico in all section rather then in the “play” section Haha !
best regards