[FR] Import AAF Key Command


It would be nice to be able to map ‘Import AAF’ to a key command or to a remote device. I noticed that not all the import options that are available in the menu are also available in the key commands list.

This would be nice for people that use this on a daily basis, sometimes multiple times.


I bought a “POS” keyboard. “POS” = Point Of Sale. It’s basically a keyboard you seen in stores where you shop. They have extensive macro abilities and what I did was set up one key to always choose the right options when importing an AAF.

That’s one workaround.

But yes, it would be nice if all options were available as key commands (something is telling me that perhaps the key command engine is suspended when a dialog box occurs, in which case it might not even be possible within Nuendo).

Interesting workaround! Thanks for the tip.

It’s possible!
Search ‘AAF’ in the key command section and assign your own keystroke.

I took the request to mean selecting options etc once that import option had been selected, i.e. in the dialog box that shows up.