FR: Import just a selection of audio using MediaBay so the actual imported file is trimmed

Currently you can import a selection of the file but in actuality the whole file is imported and a trimmed event of the whole file placed on the timeline. Now, for timeline import this is all fine and good but when trying to import into a VST instrument such as Serum for sound design purposes this doesn’t really work - Serum divides the imported material into 256 wavetables, so it would be very useful to just import the selection I’ve made. As it is, doing this import requires several steps, either importing to timeline and rendering, then importing to Serum from a separate location (that’s not in the MediaBay making it clunkier), or preparing pre-made files for import etc… all of which I’d rather do straight from the MediaBay so I can try stuff out fairly quickly. Cheers!

OH YES! +1

I often import just a few seconds from minute-long sound recordings in my MediaBay. And since I want everything tidy in one spot, I copy those files over into my project directory. I end up with GB of data I don’t use. Would be great!

I’m not in front of Nuendo right now, but if you mean that dragging onto the timeline from Mediabay should create a new file according to your selection then that should probably be a choice. For those doing sound design it’s desirable to have “handles” to adjust the beginning and end of the events once they’re placed on the timeline.

An absolute no-go for me. Handles !!!
That would also mean that each time you re-use a sound effect, or part of it, it creates each time a new file. With a new name …



You could select a bigger area of the sound effect than you need, then you could trim in the arrange window to taste and still have handles. Or Nuendo could by default add X seconds of handles.

But as I said, copying a 180MB file over while only needing a 5 second portion of that fills the project harddrive pretty quickly when you do that dozens of times in a project.

Re-using the same clip, no. You can still duplicate a clip in the arrange window. But importing another selection of an original, longer file, yes, it would create a new file with a new name of course. I guess that’s what you meant.

I guess since some of you rely on original data and names of files it would be nice to somehow accomodate both ways of working. There could be a choice. Spot selection to timeline and keep whole file, or spot selection to timeline and trim file to selection.

I don’t think that makes sense. There have been many times where I audition a door close for example and a file actually contains several in a row, I highlight the one I prefer, transfer it onto the timeline, but later realize I want one of the others instead. Having no handles means I have to go back into media bay to find that file again, and I can’t really select more since the versions are far enough away from each other that it doesn’t make sense. Basically there’s no way in which that suggestion works out practically in any way where I couldn’t just have made no selection at all instead.

Well, “fill” might be a stretch. I think we’re fortunate enough these days that storage is pretty cheap relative to size, and with a little bit of cleanup at the end of the day it’ll hardly be a huge issue.

But as I also pointed out:

Best of both worlds.

I see your point. Yes, choice would be nice, but I guess with HD space being cheap this is no priority at all for Steinberg. They definitely have bigger fish to fry. A lot bigger. I liked Timo’s responses on the forums, many points of concern were addressed and it seems Steinberg is “aware” of many of the pain points, and are “looking into it” but seeing Steinberg’s pace the last few updates, they move pretty slowly. So until we really see significant changes, it’s going to take a while :slight_smile:

It works currently and you have all the options at the expense of HD space. OK.