FR - improvements Media Bay

FR - improvements Media Bay:

  • 2 buttons in audition field: A= double speed, B= half speed, incl. selection pitch/stretch algorithm
  • possibility to “save and load Track Folders” with folder track content (great to stack VSTis, drum sets, orchestral groups e.g.)
  • grouping solution” of several storage locations (currently only one absolute path is possible)
  • a view field “last used files”
  • solution to build own folder collections (various files with various pathes, entire Media bay)



  • sounds used in project
  • button playback sound at project speed (maybe it’s what you mean for A/B buttons. my idea is when you have 96k or 192k to hear how the sound in 48k (good for sound design)

-Gain settings as Meta, with an RMS function

-Channel Settings as Meta data per file in MediaBay

Both the above would allow you to tweak sounds, even volume across samples, EQ. Anything you can do in Cubase channel strip, you could apply as Meta to sound. You hear those tweaks when browsing mediabay.

-Create Slices Preview, automapped to keyboard

-Reverse button

-“Shopping List”, new Mediabay Zone that allows you to build a collection of loops/samples in which you can preview them stacked together, so you could audition 5 separate loop files together before inserting into project as separate tracks.

I build my own Folder Collections utilizing Favorites and just creating folder systems right on the computer. MediaBay for the most part picks them right, but sometimes I need to rescan disk. eitherway works great.