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I am working with a dorico project that as two pieces in it. I have created separate layouts for each piece and will assign those layouts to print to different folders - one for each piece.

The only problem is that I cannot generate a meaningful names for the PDF -files. There is only “Project filename” (which I obviously cannot use) and “Layout name” (which if I would alter for each layout would affect the parts).

Would it be possible to add an ingredient that would support this kind of workflow?

My suggestion would be “Flow names”, it would list the names of every flow assigned to that layout. Even just the name of first flow assigned to that layout would be enough for me.

You could for now include the flow title in the layout name, and use a different bit of information for the name that appears at the top of part layouts by default. E.g. instead of using the “layout name” token in parts, you could replace this with a staff label or player name token.

Although, another thought is – what’s your primary motivation for keeping both flows in the same project, if you don’t intend to create any layout that includes both (if I’ve understood right) ? As Dorico 4 now includes tools that make sharing settings and page templates between separate projects (custom project templates and the Library Manager), maybe separate projects would work better?

Using player names in parts is a great idea, I will try that next.! Thank you!

I will add later here a description of why working this way has been more effective for me than working with the library manager and different files for each piece.

Don’t feel obliged to! It was more to offer an alternative, if you’ve considered your options already and are happy with this course, then you crack on :slight_smile:

I have now tried your suggested method and can confirm that it works. So part layouts are now using player names and I added the titles of the flows to the layout names. Only downside was that with long titles of the pieces the layout list becomes a bit crowded with text.

But here just very shortly the benefits I have noticed when having multiple pieces (of the same concert/program) in one dorico project:

-When making changes to engraving options, layout options (or any options really) I do not have to manually import them to every project separately. It is very powerful that I can change everything at once!

-going through parts is very fast, since they are all in one big list (instead of having to open multiple files)

-It is very fast to change between pieces by simply switching between different score layouts.

-I find it very clean and simple that one project has one file, but perhaps that is personal taste :slight_smile:

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