FR: Input certain articulations directly in Key Editor

I read a brilliant comment Lillie made in another thread a while ago, where she summarized two distinct ways of modifying dynamics in Dorico this way:

This comment crystallized in my mind the workflow distinction between dozens and dozens of signposts in the score for hidden articulations that are only relevant for software playback (and often - just for one specific sample library!) - and the possibility to input these “playback-specific articulations” directly in the Key Editor so they don’t show up in the score.

Writing for strings, for example, and trying to make it idiomatic for playback using complex libraries like Hollywood Strings or Berlin Strings results in a veritable forest of signposts that obscures everything else and that’s completely irrelevant for the engraving score. I would love for the articulation lane in Key Editor to become “editable” and allow to input articulations there. I think it’s a lot more logical in the Dorico ways of doing things, and it ultimately makes for a clean and neat score and workflow. Thanks.

Yes, this is something we plan to add in future, though I can’t say when it will be done.