FR: Invert Phase Button on Every Track

So often I’ve wished Wavelab had an Invert Phase button on every track. A number of other programs have it, and it would be so much easier and quicker when dealing with aligned clips on any number of tracks than loading Stereo Tools plugins or focused clip checkboxes, for null and near-null audition and checking. So I’d like to ask it as a feature request. And if that would necessitate Bypass Montage Master function on every track to work in more cases, then that as well.


It sounds like something I brought up a while ago but you summarized it better:

Ability to bypass the montage master as well as global master section (which tracks already can) and simultaneously play with the other montage tracks/files is a must.

I recently thought of 3 solid uses for a track like this:

A) Null Testing - load your rendered files back into the montage, perfectly re-align the clips with the clips they were rendered from, reverse phase on this new track, test for differences other than dither. With how unpredictable many plugins are in Wavelab, this is essential.

B) Placing unmastered reference tracks on a track like this so you can quickly A/B what you’re working on with a mastered reference audio file that won’t go through any montage master section or global master section effects.

C) Sometimes I am mastering an album where one song was previously mastered and the client can’t get an unmastered version, or it otherwise just has too much loudness and processing already. In this case it would be great to put that song on a track that skips all the “normal” master chain effects and you could simply place it’s own unique/minimal effects on that track insert as needed.