FR: Jump bar Macros

Hi there !

Since the amazing jump bar has been introduced, I was thinking it could be upgraded with macros, like having a third tab (after “commands” and “go to”) in which we could also use aliases to trigger a series of actions (or even have “temporary” macros by just typing a series of aliases used in the jump bar) ?
Who’s in ??? :grin:

I don’t think the jump bar is the ideal way to define macros, but I agree that it would be useful to be able to execute macros that you have already created. I’ll think about how we might implement that in future.


thanks for your reply Daniel !

In my mind I was just thinking this tab as queue-ing a series of commands or aliases typed in a sequence (like separated by a comma for instance) then executing them all on the selection when pressing enter, rather than press J → look for command → execute → repeat for each command.
It does seem simple for me thinking that operation/implementation in Swift programming as I’m developing an app for iOS, however I read you and the team use Qt and I don’t know anything about that (and from what I’ve looked up it’s difficult to find resources to learn as an indie, and the price of Qt is out of my league anyway…) so maybe it’s more complicated than what I imagine haha

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It’s not necessarily the complexity of parsing what you enter into the jump bar, but rather making sure that everything then gets executed correctly. It’s an interesting idea, certainly.