[FR] KC to open AND close Undo History

Hi, this has been a pita for so long in Nuendo (always?)

Could the KC to open undo History also close the window when hit a second time, just like the Pool Window, the Media Bay, The Mixer, the Video window, the Edit channel Settings…

Same request applies to the project browser window

I just recently realised that this had been fixed/changed for the marker window, great ! Why not for all of the other windows ?

Moreover some windows respond to the CTRL+F4 (WINDOWS) command to close (ie: the project browser) and some just dont (ie: the undo history), playback stops and Nuendo asks if the project is to be saved…not very neat.

If every window could be opened/closed with the same key command the need to “try” CTRL+F4 wouldn’t even exist !

Best regards

I’d like to add the beat calculator key command as well…to cut it short i would really like that any key command that opens a window could actually close it as well when hit again.