FR: Key command for "Follow playhead during playback"

This request is simple. One of the things I loved from Dorico coming from Sibelius was the ability to edit the score while playing. This is a game changer for doing some simple edits on the fly. Problem was that the playhead often pushed the score forward before I was able to perform the edits.
Then I discovered that this behaviour could be changed, and even better, it could be switched while playing, in the General Preferences. However, AFAIK, this has to be done manually, by invoking the preferences with CMD+, and then clicking in the checkbox and hitting “Apply”.
For those of us who normally like the ability to follow the score, but do some edits from time to time while playing, having the ability to switch this option on and off with a keystroke would be wonderful, so I would like you take this in consideration.

What also would be nice would be to have it toggle - keep shift-space (or whatever) pressed to follow the play head, letting it go the window remains where it is, and edits could be done while the playhead proceeds.

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That’s also a very cool idea! Sure it would improve workflow in these situations where you needed minor edits here and there that are easily spotted by ear.

A related request: while playback is active, disable “audition notes on selection and input.”