FR: Key commands to add italics, increase font, etc for selected text objects

It would be immensely helpful to be able to one-click-select a text item and format it using hotkeys. Italics, bold, underlined, etc. It would also allow me to select and change multiple text items at once.

I suppose Ctrl-I (Cmd-I) is already in use for Project Info, and couldn’t be used for italics. Darn. Perhaps exposing this to a configurable key command?

In MS Office (and Finale, if I recall), Ctrl-Shift-period increases font size, and -comma reduces it. That would make short work of editing text objects! At present I tend to custom-scale them if I want to batch, but I’d rather do it properly.

You’ve requested Ctrl+Shift+,/. to reduce/increase the size of text before, and we’ve implemented it ahead of the next update, but it will only work inside the text editor, not when the item is selected.

Ah, so I had. Thanks Daniel.

I really appreciate the new functionality for resizing text.

I hope it’s ok to ask you to reconsider making selected staff or system text objects re-sizable (or convert to italics) without needing to double-click and highlight the text. It would really make short work of editing multiple text objects in a large score. I’m aware of the solution of paragraph styles, but the typical use case I’m referring to is a score I’ve inherited from someone else.

Along these lines, it would be incredibly helpful to be able to use a key command to convert a selected text item to a particular paragraph style.

Thanks for considering!