FR Keyframe/Snapshot Automation (Automation Marker) for Spatial Panning in VR

For the last two months I dived into spatial mixing for linear vr. The most hindeous thing there is to automate panning for moving objects in real time.
You have to chase the video objects with your audio sources.
Now take a look at this video
It’s nearly impossible to automate that with current tools - neither with Dear Vrs Spatial Connect nor with facebooks spatial workstation because you have to chase every object in the video with coresponding audio sources in real time.

The best solution here would be the implementaion of motion paths in Multipanner. You draw the motion path your object would be panned along.The only parameter would need to automate is the speed of how fast or slow your audio object is moving along the motion path. That’s how you made panning automation in Iosono Spatial Audio Workstation in the past. But I honestly don’t see this feature coming to Nuendo in near future or do you, dear Steinberg representatives?

However if you could make automation snapshot of the start panning position of your audio source and the final panning position of your audio source it would be much easier.
In Pro Tools it’s called automation marker and here is the video how it works in conjunction with spatial panning for linear VR
I would like to have automation marker/snapshot/keyframe in Nuendo as well.
One of the frequent feature requests in Cubase Forum is the “Mix Console Snapshots Including automation”. May be pan automation snapshots could be a part of that.
Or is such a feature already available in Nuendo?