FR: Leading of staff labels should be calculated relative to the center staff line

My favorite font for staff labels is too widely spaced across line breaks for my liking. I can reduce the leading in Paragraph Styles from 100% to a lower value, but when I do this, rather than both lines being pulled “inward” toward the center of the staff, only the top line is pulled downward towards the bottom line, resulting in undesired asymmetry. It seems like staff label leading behaves as though it’s “bottom-aligned” when I would expect it to be “center-aligned.”

Usually, I can remedy this in the Edit Instrument names dialog in Setup mode. The problem lies with automatically generated condensed labels, where no manual edit is possible. Changing the Gap after paragraph of Staff Labels (Inner) to a negative value seems to have no effect.

There’s no way to automatically offset staff labels, I’m afraid. Can you provide some more details about which font you’re using and perhaps attach a picture or two?

Sure—the font in question is Bodoni* (or Bodoni Moda).

Using some horizontal lines to help illustrate, here is what I get at 11pt without any fussing:

And when I change Leading to 80%:

I would like/expect “Violoncelli” and “Fagotti” to move inward an equal amount, but instead only Violoncelli has moved downward and Fagotti is in the same place. In most cases I can fuss with baseline shift in Setup mode to get the desired result, but for condensed labels it is not possible.