[FR] Leave offline plugins open

it’s still on my list.
This one is which makes Pro Tools so much faster in location sound editing.


An oldie.

IN ADDITION: Please leave control of transport available when the plugin window is open. This way we can play back content to get iZotope denoise for example to read the noise profile, and then process offline.

I’d think it should be easy to disable the command to close the plugin. I think the way this is handled is also screwing up how iZotope RX functions (fails) with Nuendo when using the “connect” feature. Too bad. Makes it a killer feature in Pro Tools, completely worthless in Nuendo.

+1 Yes agreed, and having an option to control a listen fader when auditioning offline plugins would be awesome since source recordings can fluctuate a great deal in volume. Yes this is a nice feature in pro tools, however nuendo does make it easy to customize hotkeys to quickly load plugins etc. (you can only do this on Pro tools running macs using Mac’s build in extra application key commands.

+1 I would like to see that too!

Another thing, since i record a lot of voiceovers and things like that, i’m very used to use the STRIP SLICENS tool in PT while recording. It’s so handy to have a almost clean timelime in the moment you are done with the recording!
In Nuendo you can’t leave the “search for silence” thing open, while you record/edit and so on… that is a bit slower than the workflow in PT - maybe steinberg might look into this?

In postproduktion it is all about speed in your workflow!!


Here is yet another use for this:

Today I needed to punch into a mix I had done earlier, and then verify loudness targets. Since the loudness track doesn’t measure whatever we want, and since faster-than-realtime is currently broken, the obvious alternative was the “old” loudness plugin by Steinberg.

So, selecting an event (my new mix), plugin, and then the loudness plugin, IF the plugin window had stayed open I would have been able to press “process” and it would have measured the file, leaving the plugin window open with all the resulting values. At least this is my guess.

So, another instance where leaving it open would help very much.

huge timesaver for dialog editing!!
This is number one on my list of features I would really like to see.
I actually do know a number of guys using Pro Tools for dialog editing who have not switched to Nuendo because of exactly that feature. So… this also is one of the reasons why PT is still considered THE Audio Post DAW for Featurefilm. We are all fighting to change that… so please join the fight or give us at least bigger weapons!!

came back to Nuendo for a little project last week, puuuh, this is so slow when having multiple different restauration tasks during dialog editing… Always have to find and reopen the dedicated plugin instead of having them open all together on the second screen.

Hotkeys for plugins is still way easier and better for me then having to manually open them up even if they stay open. Its a great idea as an additional option but should not at all be a game changer to stick to PT. Offline process history is also so convenient.

It actually also depends on the computer in question. Opening the plugin takes some time, and for me it’s physically faster to move my cursor to a plugin window and press “process” than pressing a key to open, wait for it to load, pressing enter to process, wait for it to close.

Further more, as I explained either here or elsewhere, I am suspecting that there is other behavior specifically related to iZotope’s RX software that would benefit from the ability to leave a window open.

will we see any improvement on this topic in nuendo 7.5 ?

We have pro tools and Nuendo in our editing rooms. dialog editors prefer work with PT because they use izotope connect 80% of the time. Connect is used for noise learning, deessing, cleaning, declicking dehuming. And connect is to heavy to use in Nuendo all the day.
Plugins need to stay open and to be able to process or preview across multiple clips. and to have a fader volume to listen the preview.
The perfect feature will be a “spectral repair mode” directly included on the timeline (or in the clip editor window). no more plugins for that… :smiley:

Yay, N8!

I’ll believe it when I see it, #VCA